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Mostly Nisha/Moxxi. Specific warnings inside. Reload speed isn't really good, because as we know from Borderlands 2, DP Harold was reloading much faster. Now it doesn't shoot bazilion of bulllets at once, but only that 8 bullets as it says next to the damage. It's still pretty much overpowered because it has +25% Critical Hit Damage which is really good for Nisha. Tags.

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3. Do not discuss or encourage piracy. 4. No Trading, Giveaways, Item Requests or Power Leveling. Summary.

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And a bad attitude! #Borderlands #Im gonna wife that hoe #Nisha the lawbringer #Borderlands nisha …. See all.

Borderlands nude nisha

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Borderlands nude nisha

Heard it got bad reviews and me a fan of the series i believed it and gave up on borderlands. Last night I gave it a try and I became a little kid all over again.

Borderlands nude nisha

Work in Progress. 29 Jan 2017. Tags. Graphic Depictions Of Violence. Handsome Jack/Rhys (Borderlands) Mad Moxxi/Nisha (Borderlands) Fiona/Nisha (Borderlands) timothy/his finger hands. Athena/Janey Springs. Angelic Guardian by sparkybun210.
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2021-02-02 · Nisha Overhaul Details can be viewed individually through BLCMM Update v1.42: Small fixes Skills Bottled Courage: Now works as intended. COMs Desperado: Boosts Magnificent Six in place of Bottled Courage Celestial Lawbringer: Boosts Magnificent Six in place of Bottled Courage. Boosts Freedom(Unchained) in place of Bona Fide Grit.

I love the beast master . #borderlands the pre-sequel #borderlands nisha #lady aurelia #borderlands #nisha the lawbringer #fanart #ohhh my godddd i fucking love aurelia guys #i feel very hashtag blessed by both of these characters but i wish nisha had an alternate outfit with her silly sheriff hat from blands 2 #oh well Handsome Jack/Nisha (Borderlands) (131) Timothy Lawrence/Nisha (38) Athena/Janey Springs (35) Timothy Lawrence/Rhys (27) Timothy Lawrence/Wilhelm (20) Se hela listan på For the unique shield in Borderlands 2, see Order (Borderlands 2).
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